Dental Check up/ Exam

Get your next Dental Exam and Checkup with Dr. Dhayni San Diego Dentist

Having a dental exam or check-up is crucial to preventative dental care. Many dental problems start small, but rapidly grow into a much larger dental problem, making dental expenses higher for you.
It is recommended by dentists and dental hygienists to have a dental exam or check up semi annually (every six months). Having a dental exam or check up semi annually can prevent dental problems from even starting. And if dental problems do exist, it is best to catch and treat the problem before it advances into a more serious and costly condition.

Regular dental exams and check ups can prevent and/or diagnose:

  • Plaque and tartar build up
  • Gingivitis
  • Gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities
  • Failed dental restorations
  • Malocclusion
  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth loss
  • If you need a dental exam or check up, please call Dr. Dhayni, DDS to schedule an appointment at 858-277-5141 or email us at Our office is located at 5222 Balboa Ave, Suite 72, San Diego, CA 92117. Dr. Dhayni, of San Diego Dentistry, provides general and cosmetic dental services in the California Area.
At your dental exam/check up our dental hygienist here will:

  • perform an oral exam of your teeth and gums to screen you for gum disease (periodontal disease), oral cancer, cavities, bone loss and failing dental restorations
  • perform teeth cleaning and polishing to treat and prevent plaque and tartar build up, gingivitis and gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • use digital radiography for your x-rays
  • use Diagnodent to detect and determine the level of tooth decay

  • Dr. Dhayni will then diagnose and devise a treatment plan if dental problems do exist. Dr. Dhayni’s treatment plan will include the cost and an explanation of each procedure. The cost of a dental exam or check up is usually covered by dental insurance. If you do not have dental insurance, we have various payment options and financing is available for those who qualify
    The whole point of a dental exam or check up is to identify and determine if dental problems do exist. And if dental problems do not exist, having semi-annual dental exams or check ups will ensure that you maintain healthy teeth and gums.
    Call Dr. Dhayni at 858-277-5141 to schedule your dental exam or check up today!
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